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Pastor Jon Reddick


Jon grew up in a small town east of Indianapolis, Indiana.  His parents were relatively recent converts who quickly exhibited true fruit of the Spirit in their lives.  As a consequence, the home was a godly one, and Jon had the privilege of conservative Bible-believing Christianity displayed all around him.  Growing up in a Christian home, however, does not make one a Christian.  After attempting for several years to obtain salvation on his own terms, Jon accepted Christ as a teenager at Northland Christian Camp in Dunbar Wisconsin.  At that point, he realized that repentance and faith, not good works, were the requirements by which God granted forgiveness.


As a newly saved teenager, Jon sensed God’s call to minister to other teenagers who needed the gospel.  He attended Bob Jones University to train for God’s calling and future ministry.  While at BJU, Jon and Deb met.  Deb (Baker) grew up in Greenville and was also a student at BJU, studying English and music.  They were married in 2005 and currently have four children. 

After completing seminary, Jon and Deb were called to First Baptist Church of Lewes in January of 2013 to work the the children and youth.  During their time here, the Lord expanded their love for the people of FBC and gave opportunities to serve the entire church through teaching, preaching, counseling and administration.   In August of 2020, Jon was called to step into the roll of Senior Pastor. 


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Pastor David Munro 


A Brief Biography of Pastor David Munro

Dave Munro was born and raised in a small town of about 1,100 residents in rural Western Pennsylvania. His father, Bill owned a small automobile business where he was taught the value of hard work. He graduated from high school in Punxsutawney, PA (ground hog capitol of the world) in 1966.

The Munro family did not attend a church that faithfully preached the Bible. Through the influence and prayers of two godly aunts, Dave's mother came to know Christ while Bill was overseas in World War II and the family was exposed to the ministry of a gospel preaching church. Through a remarkable series of events, Dave's older brother Jim, enrolled in Bob Jones University and was saved the very first night he was there in the opening evangelistic services. Dave says, "My parents were so pleased with the changes they had seen in Jim's life that when I was ready for college five years later, there was no question were I would go." Dave was also saved the first night as a student at BJU in the opening evangelistic services.​

During his sophomore year at Bob Jones University, Dave yielded to God's call to serve in the ministry of God's Word. He changed his major to prepare for the ministry and graduated in 1971. Dave met Leslie Weech of Galesburg, Illinois at BJU in 1970 and they were married in August 1971. Leslie's major of music education has been a wonderful blend for the Munro's in each place they have served. Leslie is the organist and music coordinator at First Baptist Church in Lewes. Dave and Leslie have three children.

During the next 11 years after graduation, Dave served in two churches as youth and visitation pastor. Six plus years were spent in a smaller church in the Detroit area and four plus years were spent in a larger church in South Carolina. In 1982 Dave accepted a position as Senior pastor of a church with a Christian school in rural Illinois and served there for nine years. The next move was unusual according to Dave," I had always had an interest in pursuing some additional training, and I knew that if I did not seek that training at this point in my life, it would never happen." So, in August, 1993 the Munro's moved to Lansdale, PA where he enrolled in Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary to seek a Master of Divinity degree. He graduated (cum laude) in May, 2000.

Dave and his family moved to Lewes, DE when he was called to be the  Pastor of First Baptist Church in August of 2001. After leading faithfully for nearly 20 years, in August of 2020, Pastor Munro stepped down from the office of Senior Pastor but continues to serve on staff as a Pastor of Counselling and Outreach.   

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