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​We Are a Church
FBC is not primarily a political, humanitarian, or social institution, but a spiritual entity seeking to minister to the spiritual needs of our city, county, state, country and world.

​We Are Baptistic in Doctrine

We hold to the traditional position of Baptists that the Bible is our God-given, accurate guide for faith and practice. The philosophy is practiced throughout all of our ministries.

We Are Independent

FBC is not controlled by any outside group or hierarchy. The Church's pastor is a leader and shepherd. Decisions are made through pastoral leadership, church leaders and the voting membership of the Church. We remain separate from religious groups that are liberal in belief or who compromise the truths of God's Word.

​Our Mission​
FBC exists for the purpose of making lifelong, reproductive disciples of Jesus Christ both locally and around the world.  

Our Vision

We desire that the Lord would develop here a culture of discipleship in which true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ prioritize disciple-making relationships by submitting to accountability, pursuing redemptive relationships with the lost, and teaching each other to believe and follow the Word.  

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